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Brent Freedman

Designer / Entrepreneur / Friend of the dogs

Brent (Branch to some, but that’s another story) leads his multidisciplinary studio with an intuitive understanding of how brands, objects, and people work in sync to create a little magic. With a varied background in product design, interior design and branding he creates work that is timeless, approachable and playful - all with an unwavering dedication to craftsmanship.




01. Self-Directed Projects

An experimental lab driven by my entrepreneurial and design curiousities, my self-directed projects range from a luxury furniture brand with pieces found in Canadian embassies around the world, to a toast and ice cream boutique located on an island in the Pacific Northwest. Each project informs the next, with the aim of creating companies that own a unique sense of narrative, familiarity and soul.

02. Client-Directed Projects

I work with clients to create custom design projects with a near-obsessive attention to detail. My services include commercial interior design, furniture design, brand design and creative direction. Put simply, my holistic approach translates your brand identity in to a physical experience. Each project is custom tailored to individual needs and I approach each commission with a range of ideas and materials to create work that lasts in people's minds.



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